On this page are various guides and templates that administrators and trustees of faith-based schools have found useful.  These can be downloaded for free and used and adapted as needed by your school. We welcome your feedback and suggestion on these documents or other tools you’d like to see.


Managing for Mission Summary
A 4-page synopsis of the book Managing for Mission, by Jack Peterson, Lulu Press, 2012. Describes the key dimensions for managing a faith-based school based on the authors 32 years of experience in administration of a Jesuit high school.

Managing for Mission Study Guide
A 3-page document with study questions for each of the main chapters of the book, Managing for Mission.age synopsis of the book Managing for Mission, by Jack Peterson, Lulu Press, 2012. Describes the key dimensions for managing a faith-based school based on the authors 32 years of experience in administration of a Jesuit high school.


Governance Overview
A 12-page excerpt from the book, Managing for Mission, explaining the basics of effective board governance for a faith-based school.

Board Formation Program Framework
A 5-page document explaining best practices for a Board formation program and providing a framework for designing the program.

Board Evaluation Questions
A list of important questions for a board self-evaluation instrument, organized by the 4 dimensions of a faith-based school, for which the Board is ultimately responsible. (4 pages)

President’s Evaluation Process
A 2-page description of the components of the evaluation process (summative and formative) for the chief administrator of a faith-based school.

President Evaluation 360 Survey
A list of potential questions for the 360 degree survey of Board, administrators, teachers, etc., as part of the Board’s evaluation of the chief administrator.

Board Profile Worksheet
A one-page chart to be used for tracking and profiling various characteristics--like profession, ethnicity, etc.-- present in its current members.

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One-page Overview of Strategic Planning
A concise description of what Strategic Planning for a faith-based school should look like.

Five-page Overview of Strategic Planning
A more in-depth description of Strategic Planning for a faith-based school.

33-page Overview of Strategic Planning
Thorough description and explanation of Strategic Planning for faith-based schools.

Mission and Vision Statements
A 3-page explanation of what Mission Statements are, as well as Vision Statements, Values Statements and Identity Statements.

10 Characteristics of an Effective Strategic Plan
A 2-page list and descriptions of ten attributes that are required for a Strategic Plan to be effective, e.g. coherent, broadly-own, focused, etc.

SMART Goal Instructions & Template
A 2-page explanation of a process for formulating goals that are Strategic, Measured, Attainable, assign Responsibility and are Timed.  Also includes a template for formulating SMART Goals.

Writing the Strategic Plan Document
A 3-page description of what should be in a Strategic Plan Document.

Strategic Plan Template
A Word document with a step by step process to be used at the culmination of a Strategic Planning process to incorporate the Mission, Vision and Goals of the school into  the Plan Document.

Building a Stakeholder Survey for Planning
A 3-page explanation of the key principles for formulating an effective survey of the faith-based school’s constituencies to get their input to planning.

Multi-year Financial Model: Template
An Excel spreadsheet with formulas for projecting 10 years of key categories of cash flow, both revenue and expensed, including the impact of a capital campaign.

Multi-year Financial Model: Sample
An example of a financial model created using the Multi-year Financial Model Template.


Group Discernment Overview
A concise description of a method of discernment for faith-based schools based on the insights of Ignatius of Loyola. (3 pages)

Individual Prayer and Reflection Worksheet
A 6-page worksheet to be used as part of the group discernment process to guide the individual reflection of those who will participate in the group’s collective discernment.

Triage Level of Discernment Examples
A Table showing how the 6 components of group discernment can be applied to examples requiring various degrees of discernment. (3 pages)

Discernment Triage Worksheet
A 4-page worksheet to help a group or someone designated to guide the process to properly estimate the level of discernment required for an issue.

Ground Rules for Group Discernment
A 1-page document presenting four proposed principles that a group which desires to use discernment can review, adapt and commit to.

Ground Rules/Core tools/IPP wallet cards
A sheet of 4.25 x 2.75” wallet cards (8 per sheet) that contain the 4 Core Tools of Group Discernment, The Four Ground Rules and the 5 steps of the Pedagogical Paradigm for decision-making.


Formulating a Development Plan
A 6-page description of how to formulate a plan to guide a multi-year development strategy, including a capital campaign, annual giving and special events.  Includes formulas for calculating key metrics.

Development Plan Template
A 7-page Word document with a step by step process for creating and documenting your school's multi-year Development Plan. This is a companion tool to the document above, Formulating a Development Plan.

Development Plan Sample
An 11 page example of a Development Plan created using the Development Plan Template above, for the fictitious Faith-Based School.

8 Steps of a Major Gift Ask
A 2-page summary of the steps for making an in-person request for a significant gift to a campaign or major gifts program.

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