More Discernment Resources

On this page are various blogs and videos that administrators and trustees of faith-based schools have found useful.  These can be viewed for free and used as needed by your school. We welcome your feedback and suggestion on these documents or other tools you’d like to see.

Discernment for Boards – Introduction
Applying the principles of discernment developed by Ignatius of Loyola to the decision-making process of boards, and particularly those of faith-based schools

The Spirit of Discernment
The spirituality that underlies Ignatian Discernment and how boards and other groups can embrace that spirit in their decision-making.

The Habit of Discernment
Four habits that will strengthen decision-making in our personal and professional lives, as well as our work on the board.

The 6 Components of Discernment
Six components that must be present in one way or another in every group discernment.

The 4 Core Tools of Discernment
Four practices which the board can adopt to have an immediate impact on the depth of its discernment.