"I consider Jack's work on our project first-rate, meeting expectations very well, hopefully to be of substantial service to Jesuit schools, and cost effective. He is easy to work with, timely, intellectually strong, committed to excellent work."
Rev. James Stoeger SJ, President, JSEA  

“It was a wonderful day.  Thank you for your willingness to pivot on such short (no) notice.  I sincerely believe that it was the conversation that was needed.  It remains your attentiveness to the Spirit which makes you such a gift to SNS.  Thank you on behalf of the board and personally for your time commitment and mentoring.”
Joseph Carver SJ, President, Seattle Nativity School

“I need to thank you.  I have grown so much in the area of being a visionary leader and it is because of your tutelage.  Thank you for investing in my life and helping me become a better leader.There was a great balance of getting things done without being overwhelmed.”
Stephen Roddy, Director of Education, Lighthouse Christian School  

“Jack was a joy to work with; so much so that we've hired him to help us create and implement a development strategy for the school.”

Mark Soupiset, ABC, Board Chair, Lighthouse Christian School, Director, Internal Communications, Corporate Marketing and Communications | Russell Investments  

“Jack has given us a clear road map for the future and I could not be more pleased with his work. He provided focus and advice, and our school will be better because of his work!”
Matthew Schambari, President, Archbishop Murphy High School

“Jack did a fantastic job! He is a pleasure to work with and we are a better school as a result of his work. Thank you!”
Jenny Dubinsky, Director of Operations, Lighthouse Christian School  

“I truly appreciate all your help and your very insightful observations.  I do believe the direction we received from you will help us move forward in a positive and constructive way.  Thanks Again.”
Pastor, Anonymous  

“This was a huge help to me. As a new president, what I learned while working with Jack has been tremendous. It will make my leadership team a stronger team, and that will only make us better able to deliver on furthering the mission of our school. This was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. Any faith-based high school would be well-served to undergo a similar process for its senior leadership team.”
Michael Giambelluca, President, Creighton Preparatory School  

“Exceptionally professional approach to the situation at St. Pats. Your willingness to go the extra mile to see the project through is much appreciated. Great ability to sort through all the data to find the most critical relevant info. Great insight on some very delicate/vague issues. Thank you very much. We'll be sure to call again should the need arise.”
Kevin Lovejoy, Parish/School Administrator, St Patrick Parish  

“MfM took helpful steps to define the project together with school leadership to clearly outline defined outcomes for the project. The work on the front end facilitated an effective and efficient process and finished product." “Scoping and scheduling were well defined and they were closely tracked to actual progress. Defined dates in proposal helped keep internal staff focused on delivering necessary information to the consultant." “Feedback from those interviewed was positive." “The specific numeric targets for increasing annual fund were helpful benchmarks for goal setting and evaluating success into the future.“Presentation was very helpful for developing understanding and buy-in of key internal and external stakeholders. Discussion that was facilitated directly after the discussion was just as important - maybe even more so. The practice of getting all present at a meeting to identify how they see themselves contributing to next steps was excellent." “Very much appreciated documents prepared by MfM heading into meetings that clearly spell out what is to be accomplished and covered. Did not feel like the process was vague at any point or that it was being developed on the fly.”  
Tony DeSapio, President, Bishop Blanchet High School  

“I was greatly encouraged to pursue further work with Jack based on both this and prior experience." “Jack keeps me on track!" “I received nothing but positive comments from conference attendees." “Although I wondered how a contemplation led long distance might actually work, all were pleased with the result." “Thanks for a very positive experience.”
Rev. Richard McCouch SJ, Provincial Assistant for Secondary and Pre-secondary Education, Maryland Province, Society of Jesus  

“When we formed an exploratory committee to assess the viability of a new Catholic High School in the South Sound region, we were looking for someone with experience in developing and running a Catholic school. Jack graciously agreed to meet with us on Saturdays to guide our committee in developing a unique mission for our school. His experience with Catholic education, fundraising, business planning, and community engagement greatly assisted us in reaching out to the community and integrating the mission statement into all aspects of the school.  His thoughtful coaching kept the committee on a forward track, helping us in prioritizing the steps required to determine the need and how to fulfill it. His wisdom, encouragement, passion for Catholic education, knowledge about structures and processes and overall openness and patient guidance were critical to the development of Pope John Paul II High School.”
Cecilia Brennan, Co-founder, Pope John Paul II Catholic High School  

“Our American Leadership Forum’s board and several committees had been dealing with a troubling part of its leadership training program for several years.  Numerous efforts to build an acceptable solution had failed and we were spinning our wheels.  Jack was asked to design and facilitate a half day retreat with the committee in charge.  He thought through with the leadership all the issues and narrowed the topic down to one key question.  We all agreed with the question and in four hours he guided a group with widely varying viewpoints to a conclusion that they not only could live with, but were enthusiastic about.  At the end of the retreat, asked to rate the results on a scale of 0 to 5, every participant gave it a 5.”
Neel Parikh, Executive Director, Pierce County Library System  

“Franciscan Health System, with 5 acute care hospitals, 400 employed physicians and over 8,000 employees, must have a robust strategic planning process to address the challenges and effect real change. Our Board of Directors is charged with overseeing this process without disrupting it, enabling Franciscan to remain successful as a new era of healthcare begins. As a Board member and the Chair of our Strategic Planning Committee, Jack has been diligent in learning the complexity of healthcare delivery and instrumental in partnering with staff to develop approaches to engage the Board in the strategic planning process. In his role as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, Jack has led the development of several tools for use with the Board to monitor the long term strategic and financial planning and the annual planning cycle. He was also instrumental in the design and application of a new Board Strategic Dashboard to monitor progress in achieving FHS strategic imperatives from both a current and future perspective.  “Jack’s a forward thinker and his experience in education has contributed to the development of innovative tools and resources that have been tremendously effective. He has consistently contributed real value to strategic conversations related to the healthcare market, the community perspective and the Franciscan Health System strategic plan. “
Joe Wilczek, CEO, Franciscan Health System  

“Four years ago, our organization was struggling with how to turn around a stagnation in philanthropic support that was causing cash flow problems and threatening its viability. Working with me and the volunteer leadership from the board, Jack developed a way to reframe the organization’s development challenge and then led the implementation of a Major Gifts Campaign that would catalyze the turn-around.  While we still have challenges ahead, this effort gave us some breathing room and an effective set of tools for meeting those challenges.   Secondly, he has served as an astute executive coach to me during my five-year tenure.  I have found Jack to be unique in the blend of practicality and inspiration he brings to an initiative. He does what he does through establishing a compelling purpose, inspiring others and stretching them as they make the group’s work the priority and provides just enough-structure, moving the group forward together without becoming fixed or burdensome.  What I have observed again and again in working with him is 1) full engagement on the part of the group, showing in everyone’s readiness to dive in with focus, enthusiasm, and passion and 2) unexpected learning, going beyond the immediate task and useful in other work, groups, and life 3) strengthened relationships, coming from the trust, interdependence, and friendships within the group and 4) great results, including the tangible outcomes organizations value and the intangible outcomes treasured by group members.”
Sharon Babcock, Executive Director, American Leadership Forum of Tacoma/Pierce County