More General Resources

On this page are various blogs and videos that administrators and trustees of faith-based schools have found useful.  These can be viewed for free and used as needed by your school. We welcome your feedback and suggestion on these documents or other tools you’d like to see.

Four Models in a Faith-based School
The leaders of faith-based schools must manage Four separate but interrelated models in order to accomplish their mission: Apostolic, Pedagogical, Community and Business.  

The Chain of Care
Everyone in the school – whether teacher, administrator, or trustee – is part of a Chain of Care that supports the students’ experience of God’s loving, creative presence in their lives. Learn how to strengthen that Chain of Care.

Diversity in the Faith-based School
Learn the four questions that need to be answered honestly and some practical approaches that make a big difference in the experience of diversity.

Branding for Faith-based Schools
An explanation of the basic concepts and approaches to branding for a faith-based school as the foundation of marketing strategy.  

The President-Principal Model
The key relationship in a school is between its top two administrators.  An exploration of the benefits, challenges and best practices in strengthening this relationship.