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Strategic Planning for Faith-based Schools

Strategic Planning for Faith-based Schools provides a brief outline of a process the author developed over three decades of leading planning in one school, and then adapting the resulting process to a variety of faith-based school environments.  He benefited from the best recent thinking in business management as well as his own experience of what works and what doesn't.  The steps he describes lead to plans that are compelling, mission centered and broadly owned, and for these reasons, get implemented. 80 pages

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Discernment for Boards: an Ignatian approach

Description: This book is part of a project being developed by Managing for Mission to foster the use of Ignatian Discernment by boards.  It explains the spiritual foundations of Ignatian Discernment as well as practical tools for implementing them in the work of the board. Though it is based on the experience of Jesuit schools, it is applicable to boards for any faith-based organization.  User  input is encouraged and will be incorporated in future editions.  MfM is also developing a suite of materials to assist boards with Ignatian Discernment.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact the author at 109 Pages

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Managing For Mission

Managing for Mission lays out the fundamentals of leading a Jesuit high school, or any faith-based organization, to mission excellence.  The Jesuits call this the magis.  Its central insight is that four models operate within the school: apostolic, pedagogical, community and business.  Most working in the school view it through one of these lenses.  Effective leaders must understand them all and assure that each is functional within itself and supports the other three.  Drawing on over 30 years in Jesuit school leadership, Peterson provides a framework for understanding the four dimensions of the school in a new way, gives practical advice about how to harness their power, and points to critical junctures where the separate models must function as a whole.  The book is intended to assist administrators, aspiring administrators and board members both within and outside the Jesuit educational realm.

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JSEA Presidential Transitions:
Experience and Best Practices

Based on a study of 18 Jesuit high school presidential transitions between 2009 and 2014, this handbook offers an overall profile of their experience based on surveys, 20 in-depth interviews with search committee chairs, board chairs, presidents, Jesuit superiors and search consultants, as well as a review of materials used in their processes.  From this data, the handbook recommends best practices for preparing for advance preparation, presidential search and on-boarding the new president in the first and ensuing years.  While focused on the president position at Jesuit schools, many of practices described are applicable to other leadership positions and other faith-based schools.  A companion book of appendices with sample forms, letters and templates is also available.  More information can be found at, under the Resources tab.

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How to Hire a Development Officer

Details in a clear, step-by-step approach the important considerations for schools as they search for the right individual to help them reach their development goals. Published by the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA). 1990. 65pp. $4 NCEA member/$4 nonmember.  Product # DEV-21-1079.  ISBN # 1-5583-052-6

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