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More Information: Board Development

On this page are various blogs and videos that administrators and trustees of faith-based schools have found useful.  These can be viewed for free and used as needed by your school. We welcome your feedback and suggestion on these documents or other tools you’d like to see.

The Board’s Role in a Faith-based School

Explanation of the board’s role in a faith-based school and how the complementary leaership of the board and administrative can fully contribute to the school’s success.  Video and text.

Four Best Practices to becoming a Great Board

Best practices for becoming a great board in four areas: Recruitment, Formation, Self-evaluation and the Board Policy Manual.  Video and text.

Four Best Practices for Doing the Board’s Work

Four areas where proven approaches can ramp up the faith-based board’s effectiveness: committees, strategic planning, evaluation of the chief administrator and board philanthropy.  Video and text.

Designing the Board Retreat

Board retreats can be used for spiritual formation, planning, improving board process, and team-building. This tutorial talks about how to incorporate some or all of these into an effective and grace-filled board retreat.   Video and text.

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Board Committees

Committees are critical to the Board's work, but they can cause problems if their role is not understood. This tutorial explains how to set up committees without the pitfalls. Video and Text.

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Kinds of Board

Boards vary in their level of authority, their structure, level of engagement and operating style.  This tutorial explains the different types, how they impact governance effectiveness and how to keep them focused toward the school's needs.  Video and text.

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